We provide a wide range of stucco & construction services 
for residential & commercial building needs including:

• Stucco Demo
• New Construction
• E.I.F.S. (exterior insulation finishing system)
• Water Intrusion Testing, Inspection Cuts & Repairs
• Complete Stucco Rehab Services
• Mold Remediation
• Remodel Work
• Restucco Existing Finishes 
• Patch Work
• Stucco Chimney Repairs
• Advanced Mortair Drainage System 
• Unlimited Interior Wall Finishes
• Design & Build Outdoor Facilities (fireplaces, walls, deck pillars...)
• Pressure Washing Stucco Exteriors
• Installation of all types of Siding
• Bird hole repair

*Experience working with attorneys and insurance companies for you
*Free estimates 

Kraus Stucco, Inc.
2707 - 103rd Court NE
Blaine, MN  55449 
Contractor License #BC720108​

Phone:  763-234-8621
Fax:  763-208-9238
Email:  KrausStucco@comcast.net
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